About Us

Elizabeth Allen and Emily Lowry are sisters with a passion for transforming any place into a beautiful space. Combining expertise in design and real estate, Posh Haus is your best strategy in selling your home fast!

Elizabeth Allen

Lead Designer

Emily Lowry

Designer/ Real estate agent

Find Us:

Posh Haus in association with The Hive Haus  real estate team at Keller Williams


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Why Stage?

88% Faster: the rate a staged home sells over an non-staged home.

20% More: the average amount a person is willing to pay for a staged home.

What You Need To Know About Us

We are problem solvers: Have a half wall in the middle of the room? Is the Master Bedroom too small and the bathroom too big? We design around issues to highlight the positives and down play any negatives! Check out our Projects page for examples!

Track Record: On average, our staged homes get an offer within 24-36 hours after listing.

(Results are not guaranteed)

Other Issues: Short on time? Short on money? We are flexible and will work with you!


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